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FULLSENT Portable Power Station 1248Wh Solar Generator,with 200W Solarpanels Flexible Solarmodul Solar Panel (1200W+200W Solar Panel)

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【Strong Power Supply】FULLSENT 1248Wh portable battery is a portable generator used for emergency, outdoor, home, camping, travel and other purposes. Thanks to the high power of the UPS, 90% of your devices can be switched on. Therefore, the device has the same high power as the outdoor generator, but there is no exhaust gas or noise.

【Reliable UPS】FULLSENT CN-1200 Portable power station supports simultaneous input and output, so you can use it while charging. In the event of a sudden power failure/power drop, the Mobile Power Storage will switch to UPS Power Supply Mode Immediately to ensure the normal operation of the device and avoid equipment downtime.

【Maximizing Efficiency】: When used with FULLSENT Powerstation, the FULLSENT 100w/200W Solar panels balcony delivers maximum efficiency. Equipped with different types of input adapter cables (XT60,DC,ANDERSON). The 100W/200W Solar Panel (with short-circuit current 5.4A/10.5A ) can charge your FULLSENT Power Stations or other generators.

【High power and quality】 Monocrystalline solar cells with high efficiency. They are currently the most effective solar cells and FULLSENT one-piece sealing technology is used. So, FULLSENT solarpanel is three times more durable than comparable thus extending the life of the product.

【Easy to carry】:The FULLSENT solar panel 100/220W is foldable and compact. It is easy to take with you and weighs only 3.8kg/7.7kg(8.5Lb/17.1Lb).Whether camping or outdoor activities, this mobile power plant will take you anywhere.