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About Us

Fullsent is a residential solar, energy storage and energy services company serving the world, having installed more than 1,600 megawatts of solar and helping hundreds of thousands of consumers.

Fullsent pioneered the solar-as-a-service model and continues to drive innovation in solar power generation, storage, and energy services and technologies. The rooftop solar provider's mission is to create a planet powered by the sun.

Fullsent Solar gives customers the opportunity to reap the benefits of a home solar system at zero or little upfront cost. Fullsent helps homeowners save money on their electricity bills.

Purchasing an Fullsent solar system outright provides customers with long-term savings, while financing an Fullsent solar system with a loan provides long-term benefits by allowing customers to pay for owning the system.

Fullsent understands that when it comes to renewable energy, each customer's household, lifestyle and savings goals are unique.

Fullsent offers customer service teams located around the world, ready to answer questions and help with any issues that may arise.

Fullsent provides a wealth of useful information on its website and strives to be transparent with its clients. The company's website includes a detailed solar education and FAQ section, a helpful warranty page, and an informative Programs and Services page that will help customers better understand Fullsent's products and how to get started solar.

Fullsent Solar offset 3.7 million tons of carbon emissions and helped over 240,000 customers take control of their energy bills.

Fullsent's website includes a variety of articles and helpful, easy-to-understand resources, including information on solar panels, programs and services, solar costs, warranties, installation, rebates and incentives, net metering, local information, solar education and more.

Over 60% of Sunrun reviews are 4 or 5 stars. This means over 1,000 satisfied customers worldwide to date.

Happy Fullsent customers speak of fast and efficient customer service when issues arise during installation, the company's proactiveness in setting up and keeping appointments, and the respectful and friendly Fullsent employees.