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What can you plug into a power station?
07.01.2023 | solar-panel | NEWS BLOG

There are many devices and appliances you can plug into a portable power station:

• Phones and tablets: This is the main use case, to charge smartphones, iPads, and other small devices.

• Laptops: Many power stations can provide enough power to fully charge a laptop, though some high-end models may exceed their capacity.

• Lights: Strings of LED lights, lanterns, flashlights, etc. Or you can plug in full-sized lamps if the power station has enough capacity.

• Fans: Small and medium-sized fans are a common use for portable power.

• TVs: Smaller power stations may be able to power an energy-efficient LCD TV for a limited time.

• Small appliances: Coffee makers, blenders, microwaves, hair tools, and other small household appliances. Again, depending on their power draw and the capacity of the power station.

• Power tools: Some power stations, especially higher-capacity models, can run smaller power tools like drills, circular saws, and sanders for a limited time.

• Refrigerators/Freezers: For very large power stations, you may be able to power small fridges and chest freezers for several hours.

• Medical devices: Things like CPAP machines and nebulizers, as long as their power requirements do not exceed what the power station can provide.

So in summary, portable power stations can power a wide range of devices that run on standard 120V electrical currents. But larger appliances and power tools may exceed the capacity of smaller or medium-sized power stations. Verify the power requirements (watts) of the devices you want to run against the total watt-hour rating of the specific power station.