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FULLSENT Portable Power Station 1200W 1248Wh Solar Generator,Generator with BMS Intelligent Protection System and UPS Function for Safe and Stable Power Supply

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FULLSENT 200W Solar Panels Flexible Solar Panel Foldable Balcony Power Plant Solar System for Power Station with Protective Cover,IP67 waterproof grade,ETFE Panel and Waterproof Backboard

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FULLSENT Portable Power Station 1248Wh Solar Generator,with 100W Solarpanels Flexible Solarmodul Solar Panel (1200W+100W Solar Panel)

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Service: After receiving the product, the after-sales warranty is one year, and there is a professional after-sales service center. Customer service patiently answers questions 24 hours a day.

Product relevance

The Fullsend brand's solar panels and energy storage power can be used in combination. By using solar panels, you can collect solar energy to charge the energy storage power, which can power other devices. In outdoor travel, camping and other activities, it can improve energy utilization and make your travel more comfortable and convenient.


After market research, Fullsend's solar panels have added bottom support components, which can prevent the lower edge from softening due to long-term gravity and achieve the effect of preventing the edge from coming into contact with damp ground. Currently, only our products have this function.